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Post  Clint on Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:08 pm

When you scratch your leg, to when you listen to your favourite song, you will be amazed at how much vibrations play a part in your everyday life.

From the smallest atom, to the largest speakers, vibrations are everywhere. They create sound, light, and thoughts. They are what keeps us alive and in one piece. But to fully understand this, we need to start with the basics. For instance, from the article, ‘The Expanding Universe’, in this series, it is explained that colour and light are simple frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. And we know that frequency is no more than a name given to the number of oscillations (or vibrations) of a certain object.
Radios use vibrations of electrons in metal that give off certain frequencies to transmit signals across huge distances. Satellites receive and send information in wave form, which is no more than a complex pattern of vibrations relayed over distance, and deciphered into information at the receiving end. Every speaker vibrates at certain frequencies to emit audible and sometimes inaudible noises depending on the size of the speaker of course and the frequency.
Scientists have now found that when broken down to their smallest state, ALL matter consists of oscillating (or vibrating) ‘strings’ of energy. They come together to make atoms, protons, neutrons, photons, electrons and so on, to form molecules, and therefore minerals and elements and other substances, which make up all things we see around us.
Our nervous system uses electric impulses to communicate with the brain, and control every movement of our sub conscious and conscious mind. Our cells communicate with each other with receptor and vibrations, and our body reacts.
Your ears has a fine sensor called the ‘Organ of Corti’ which picks up vibration in the air, changing them to impulses, and sending them to your brain to be deciphered as sound. Your eyes do the same with light. When you look around, your eyes pick up the light reflecting off or being emitted by objects around you. And light is as we know a vibration of energy at varying frequencies. If there is no light, no vibration, we see nothing. In fact, all we see is our minds translation of the different frequencies of light it receives. We do not see with our eyes, we see with our brain.
Electricity to run our home is made from vibrating magnets and metals together to build up masses of highly charged particles, sending these vibrating particles through the lines to your home. In fact in order to do this, the electrons in the metal or conductor being used, transmit vibrations to one and other, along the line, sending the energy past as it comes.
Microwaves pass through your food (although they shouldn’t after you read ‘Cant you see? You Are what You Eat) and vibrate the particles in the food, causing them to heat up.
Heat itself is caused by vibration of particles, as seen when starting a fire by friction of two pieces of timber. And friction of course, is a vibration.

Surely by now you have realised the importance of vibrations in everything we do. So now I would like to focus on the effects different vibrations have.

Your thoughts have been proven to affect your surroundings, and change the energy of objects focused on. But the depth of these effects goes further than you can imagine.
A thought is an electromagnetic vibration, just like light, with varying wavelengths and frequencies. Scientists have been able to measure the brain using a device that takes real time images of brain activity, picking up the electromagnetic changes that occur. And it found that different thoughts activate or deactivate certain areas, and emit corresponding frequencies hence vibrations into the area around us. Neurons in the brain transmit electric impulses throughout or brain, and are responsible for the perception of all we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. In fact all of our sensory organs simply transport signals from the outside world to the brain, and our brain deciphers the information. All that you experience in life is an interpretation of what your brain senses.
For example, when you smell a flower, molecules of a certain frequency, relating to the scent of the flower, are detected by the receptor in the nose, then a corresponding signal is sent to the brain, the brain tell us whether this is a good smell, weather we have smelt it before and also brings memories (stored vibratory patters) back that relate to that smell. Then, if it is a good memory or feeling that is had, the appropriate peptides are released from the brain, causing serotonin to be released, giving us a pleasurable sensation. And if it is a bad feeling or memory, the appropriate responses are felt.
Dr Emoto has shown that water, when subjugated to good, positive thoughts form crystal structures of symmetry and beauty, giving a positive effect to the consumer, whether it be human, animal or plant. But these thoughts do not change the waters chemical makeup, the water remains H2O, only the structure changes. Put it this way water is H2O, but water molecules cluster together in different shapes, depending on the information they are carrying. So the molecules are like letters of the alphabet, and the structure is like the sentence or word. And the sentence can be changed, by vibration input, whether it is a thought, light, sound or feeling.
A good example of the effects of thoughts on the structure and energy of water is the test Emoto himself carried out. He placed 3 even jars or rice in an area of his home, and covered them evenly with water from the same source. To one jar he said, “thankyou”, to the other, “I hate you”, and the other jar was completely ignored. After 12 days of the same process, the jar that had been thanked had started to ferment, giving off a pleasant rice wine aroma. The jar that had been ignored had started to decompose and the jar that had the words ‘I hate you’ uttered to it, turned black and started to rot. The water remained H2O, but the structure changed and energy changed.
A study was done on the effects thoughts have on plants, using a device to measure the energy of the plant. When a person had the intent to harm the plant, the tree reacted, before the person did anything to the tree. The energy of the tree fell because of the negative thought, and the surrounding trees were also affected. Which proves that even being around negative people, or thoughts, can have a detrimental effect on your well being.
Music to can affect the surrounding energy and vibration fields, study was done once again on water, and the effect certain types of music had on its structure and energy. Water that had listened to classical music and calm soft music was beautiful, and symmetrical in its form. Yet water subjected to heavy rock or metal was distorted and had no structure.
Our foods are full of information and vibrations that benefit us every day, yet foods that are artificial, and processes using harsh chemicals and preservatives, have had the vibrations, hence the information carried in the food, and the very essence of what the food is and should do, changed in a way that makes it hard or impossible for the body to get benefit from. When we consume such foods, we assimilate the vibration of it, causing health problems, even disrupting the normal activity of cells, causing them to lose vital information, and become cancerous, knowing only how to reproduce, and causing more cancer.
Water can be vaporised using nothing but ultrasonic frequencies of sound. Water’s structure can be changed buy its surrounding vibrations, and this water can have good and bad effects on the body, even though it is still H2O. It has been shown that even thoughts, feelings and intentions change the water’s structure. And humans, depending on age, are 70-90% water, so we can personally be affected by the vibrations we surround yourself with and the thoughts we have. Weather these effects are good is entirely up to you.

The importance of keeping good thoughts and thought patterns is vital to our well being, and if left unchecked, bad though patterns can ‘seep’ into our automated sub-conscious mind, so it becomes a natural response. So every time the trigger appears, our reflex will be a negative one, fill us with bad vibration, when all we need is good, good, good.... good vibrations!

You are even in your physical expression of flesh, blood and bones, a vibration being. And everything you experience in your physical environment is a vibration. And it is only through your ability to translate vibration that you are able to understand your physical world at all.

You are exactly what you think you are, and you will become exactly what you think you wil

Written By Clint Fish.
Inspired By Reason, Desire for truth, understanding and a Girl Called Sara Wink

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