suppressing depression via laughter

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suppressing depression via laughter  Empty suppressing depression via laughter

Post  amberemily on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:48 am

Laughter and comedy is regarded as some of the effective antidepressant drugs that most of the masses choose over medications. Depression is one of the main mental health concerns that can destroy the life of any individual if not diagnosed soon enough. Most of the time, it is difficult to understand that you have been affected by depression. People of today, seek out different means to fight or prevent depression. They turn to laughter therapy for depression, practice meditation and so on. Most of them prefer natural remedies like yoga simply because of the fact that it does not raise the possibility of side affects like medications. Laughter therapy is regarded as one of the best remedies to suppress depression.
When you take a deep laugh or chuckle a serotonin known as ‘happy chemical’ is released in your brain. This plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant feeling. Moreover, laughing can also help you to reduce some stress related hormones like adrenaline, dopamine etc. Stress can lead to depression is not treated soon enough, therefore, by suppressing stress you are literally killing down the possibility of depression formation. Laughter is also something that helps you to fight against the feeling of pain, you could also consider laughter as a good workout variable for the heart, abdomen muscles etc. When you are affected by depression, make it a point to join events or activities that include laughter. You can also consider socializing with people who could make you laugh sincerely.  
Laughter is the best medicine that can help you to gain control over yourself.


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